Kristen Jongen
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Artist, Writer, Speaker

Kristen Jongen is the luminary behind Soul Soup, Inc. Whether it is her art, books, or inspirational talks, Kristen walks along side us as we navigate the murky spaces in-between life’s personal crucifixions and resurrections. Internationally recognized as a progressive voice for change, Kristen dares us to be vulnerable by sharing the intimate details of her own incredible journey. Soul Soup is the creative manifestation of prints, books and greeting cards containing her unique and recognizable message that Love Is Bigger®.



Why Women Aren't More Successful


"...Why women aren't more successful is because many of them believe they need to have 100% of the skills, knowledge, abilities and education required for the job. In short, they want to be perfect. This is a stark contrast to men, who are comfortable with having about 60% of what they need to do the job before they go for it. Their attitude is, "Hey -- good enough!" And it usually is, because they are confident that they can grow into the job. So can you. "

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