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Who We Are

Soul Soup is the inspired line of books, prints and greeting cards, written by artist and luminary Kristen Jongen. Represented in over 400 gift shops and galleries Internationally, Soul Soup has the stellar reputation of being at the top of its class. You won’t find tired phrases and song lyrics here! Original inspiration is what makes us unique. All poetry is written from the heart of Kristen Jongen. Although frequently mimicked, the raw and vulnerable nature of her words are distinguishable from the crowd. Additionally the high quality paper, ink and content provided, puts Soul Soup in a class by itself. Soul Soup is a small, independent company with a mission to remind the world that love is bigger.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Our Color is consistently beautiful because we choose printing that is above industry standards.
  • All poetry is written by Kristen Jongen.
  • All of our printed material is done in small runs at a local, professional print house.
  • Prints are NOT color copies.
  • All artwork and greeting cards are manufactured in the USA.

10th Anniversary of Growing Wings!


10th Anniversary of Growing Wings! Special price $15 autographed copy.

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