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WELCOME to my tribe!

Below is my blog, where you will find inspirational articles, information, rants, calls to action and a myriad of other things. Sometimes, I even post advanced chapters for my books. If you feel moved by something you have read, please join our community at my guest book now. Post your experience, strength and hope for all of us to share. Not only do I look at it daily, but other tribal members do too! We all need each other. Add an entry now!

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10th Anniversary of Growing Wings!

10th Anniversary of Growing Wings! Special price $15 autographed copy. 

NEW! Art of the Athlete Session Starting Feb 1, 2016. Join ME!

My passion is transforming players from technicians back into inspired athletes. My creative curriculum reignites the heart at the center of the game. It is not thought centered psychology. It is heart centered inspiration. Together, we back up from the grind to reevaluate, rejuvinate and reengage with a bigger force than the physical body can provide alone...

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10th Anniversary of Growing Wings!


10th Anniversary of Growing Wings! Special price $15 autographed copy.

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